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 Adam's Creations® Publishing, LLC., a book publishing company, was established in the renowned Colony Square area of downtown Atlanta in 2001. Adam's Creations® began as a small family run business and is prevalent in the everyday intricacies of the publishing corporation.

Adam's Creations® Publishing, LLC. wishes to inspire readers of all ages to: sit back and relax, enjoy, learn, and Travel beyond Boundaries of Imagination® with each book we book we bring to your table.  Adam's Creations® Publishing, LLC. embodies the essential idea of family, fun, and innovative growth. Our goal is to inspire while creating a solid learning experience with each adventurous value based book we publish.

We have a full range of experience in the publishing industry where we help develop, design, and publish books in most genres including: fiction, paranormal, young adult fiction, graphic novels, children picture books, cookbooks, poetry, and several types of non-fiction literature. 
 Adam's Creations Publishing now offers services in self-publishing. We can help you develop, design, and polish your book or community organizational project in an efficient and cost effective manner. Through our network of professionals, we can provide you with everything you need to streamline your book development process. 
We can provide:
Layout Design
Editing Services
Illustration Services

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